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About Us
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About Us

Sterling Geo engineers solutions that transform space-borne, airborne and terrestrial data into accurate, actionable information. We have a reputation for capability, quality and service, emanating from a combination of having the right people and our specialist technical knowledge.

Working both within the research and development and commercial sectors, our software and hardware offer a range of capabilities to work with big data and complex network environments used in delivering projects.

At the forefront of all major changes and challenges that face the geospatial industry, Sterling Geo understands and undertakes work to meet the commercial and technical pressures that have evolved with big data and complex network environments.

Our Mission

Sterling Geo is a geosolutions company with a passion for engineering geography. We take pride in our innovative approach, finding weaknesses and making improvements to develop products before the market demands them, helping our clients to make smart decisions. We aim to grow sustainably, whilst maintaining our strong core values.

Our Vision

We aim to keep ahead of the rapidly evolving geospatial industry, with increasingly efficient software and products that allow us to explore further, whilst being capable of handling ever expanding big data. We see a future where our technology continues to provide smart solutions to real life problems.

Our Values

Client Relationships  Professionalism  Commitment
Innovation Respect Sustainability