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Central Government
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Central Government

The use of Hexagon Geospatial's software extends throughout central government agencies with a huge variety of products and modules embedded into geographic data management and map production workflows.

Hexagon Geospatial Producer Suite Applications

The hyperspectral analysis tools within ERDAS IMAGINE have proved invaluable when undertaking land cover mapping and land classification work of protected heathland.

An internationally renowned arctic research body benefited from the orthorectification digital terrain editing capabilities of ERDAS IMAGINE when using aerial imagery to update the mapping of remote and hostile polar environments.

The IMAGINE Photogrammetry Core, along with the Automatic Terrain Editor and Terrain Editor modules were invaluable in speeding up the processing and preparation of the imagery and height data.

Hexagon Geospatial Producer Suite Solutions

ERDAS APOLLO is utilised extensively within government agencies wanting to deliver gigabytes of aerial imagery and mapping data rapidly on limited networks for use in GIS and CAD software packages. Clients span different geographical sections of the UK have different remits such as public administration, environment or forestry but all have similar requirements. As aerial imagery becomes more plentiful and higher resolution, the challenges of data storage and image delivery have been met with ERDAS APOLLO's unique ECW streaming delivery.

Standards-Based Solutions

Earth-based information is increasingly being used to drive decisions in large organisations responsible for environmental protection. These organisations face a growing need for innovative, standardised geospatial data management solutions. When enhanced with Open Geospatial Consortium and International Organisation for Standardisation (OGC/ISO) interoperability, these solutions contribute to open and extensible domain systems. In this regard, ERDAS maintains a strong commitment to international OGC/ISO standard bodies and Sterling Geo, as a lead consultant, is well placed to support central government INSPIRE requirements.