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ERDAS IMAGINE has been a long established geo-imaging software product dedicated to supporting the military’s use of satellite, airborne and geographical data. Since the launch of the first imagery satellite in the 1970’s, ERDAS IMAGINE has been used to ingest and enable the user to work and interoperate with geospatial data.

Hexagon Geospatial Products are used by the Military all over the World

As the availability of geographic data has expanded Hexagon Geospatial has developed to meet growing military demands to support new data formats, new operational requirements and the exacting standards set by military services globally, who trust it as the gold standard in image processing.

The evolution of optical, radar and more sophisticated sensors used to monitor, track and record activities globally have also been supported by ERDAS IMAGINE.

A Wide Range of Military Applications

Military applications of Hexagon Geopspatial software are as varied as the missions of the end users. ERDAS IMAGINE was used to build target graphics during Desert Storm and Kosovo, but was also used to build the map products for the Dayton Peace Talks. It has been used by army medical research teams to track insect-borne disease in Africa, as well as by strategic intelligence organisations to track refugees in the Balkans. Hexagon Geospatial software is extensively utilised in operational activities and continues to support the UK military in its current activities.

If the mission requires the extraction of information from imagery, Hexagon Geospatial provides a solution.