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Analyse and Interpret your Satellite Imagery

ERDAS ER Mapper provides advanced image processing and compression capabilities, widely used in a variety of industries, including oil, gas and mineral exploration. ERDAS ER Mapper allows users to visualise, enhance and combine images for a wide range of applications. Extracting the quantitative information needed, ERDAS ER Mapper makes data more meaningful, allowing datasets to be interpreted efficiently and effectively, whilst remaining easy to use and intuitive.


ERDAS ER Mapper offers unique capabilities for enhancing and visualising surface interpretations and integrating data from a variety of sources to create top quality map products. This includes features to visualise and integrate interpreted seismic and attribute data.

Top ten features and capabilities


  • Focused – Advanced image processing and compression capabilities geared toward the oil, gas and mineral exploration industries
  • Dynamic – Quickly perform, modify and repeat complex image processing tasks with minimal demand on hardware resources
  • Reliable – ECW and JPEG2000 compression accelerates data preparation, storage and distribution processes, increasing the amount of data easily manipulated