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FME Cloud
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FME Cloud

A Whole New Way to Deploy FME Server

FME Cloud is FME Server as a service, so the FME Server launched on FME Cloud is exactly the same as the one that would be launched on premise, with benefits related to cloud deployment.

Experience unlimited connection possibilities, tight control over integrations and the power of location through the FME Cloud Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). Take advantage of flexible pricing where users pay only for the computing resources used yet always have access to the same level of FME functionality.


FME Cloud is a new way to deploy FME Server. Rather than installing FME Server on premise, it is hosted for you, meaning ensured uptime and no need for any hardware, server maintenance or backups. FME Cloud makes FME Server more accessible and cost-efficient.

Top ten features and capabilities


  • Unique – Boost business intelligence with spatial information, analytics and maps using the world’s only location-aware iPaaS
  • Secure – The security and privacy of users’ data is of highest priority, with security features such as running on AWS and two-step authentication to avoid phishing
  • Use as needed – Gain FME Server functionality in minutes, change capacity with the click of a mouse and have no software, hardware or bandwidth investments to make
  • Fully managed – No need to worry about backups, security updates or monitoring

What’s Great in FME Cloud 2015?

  • Continued security updates – Completed an application and security audit with a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and implemented automated security patching on the instances
  • Improved performance – Upgraded all instances to use SSD disks which has resulted in workspaces that run up to 2.5x faster
  • New snapshots feature for instances – Take a snapshot of any instance and create full copy of that instance which persists even after it has been terminated