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FME Server
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FME Server

Quickly Meet Diverse Data Access Requirements

FME Server is a scalable data transformation platform that enables spatial data managers to quickly meet diverse data access requirements. The platform offers flexible spatial data services that help validate, load and share large volumes of data so people can access it as needed.

Take the power of FME to the enterprise with automation capabilities. Use FME Server to provide self-serve access to FME workflows, execute tasks according to schedule or in response to real-time events and automatically move data from anywhere to anywhere with support for web, email and mobile protocols.


Efficiently exchange data on demand across the widest range of formats. FME Server makes it possible for organisations to deliver up-to-date spatial data exactly how it’s needed. Only FME Server allows users to transform spatial data on-the-fly to use and share.

Top ten features and capabilities


  • Secure – Employs proven authentication methods and integrates with Active Directory to provide a secure single-sign-on experience
  • Flexible – Quickly provide internal and external users with online access to the spatial data they need – where, when and how they need it
  • Efficient – A powerful and scalable solution for high throughput data loading and conversion requirements

What’s Great in FME Server 2015?

  • Revamped user interface – User-friendly navigation enables users of all abilities to automate data transformation workflows and the new responsive design allows access from more places
  • Easier administration – Execute tasks with FME Engines, including configuring how many are running, starting and stopping, and setting up resources, like Python modules
  • Simpler notification services – Notification topics can now be created at the same time as publishers and subscribers and the topic dialog now has a test topic button and displays its REST endpoint
  • Improved real-time support – Added “set it and forget it” functionality, which ensures workflows that must run constantly continue to run until cancelled by a user
  • Continued security updates – FME Server and the WebSocket transformers now support the secure version of WebSockets