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GeoMedia Smart Client
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GeoMedia Smart Client

Power-Portfolio_platform_webDynamically Jumpstart GIS Potential

GeoMedia Smart Client is a GIS workflow management system that provides tools for building and delivering highly constrained, map-based workflows for the office or the field. It avoids GIS being gridlocked into one department, limited to use by a few individuals. End users are able to utilise advanced geospatial functionality via simple-to-use map-based tools over the web.


Many people know the value of geographic information and could benefit from geospatial data, but often lack the expertise to run a traditional desktop GIS. GeoMedia Smart Client eliminates disparities between users of different abilities, providing a platform for a world where geographic information is key to jumpstarting business critical workflows and understanding our changing earth.

Top ten features and capabilities


  • Enabling – Allowing non-GIS experts to exploit advanced GIS functionality
  • Streamlined – Task-orientated workflows disentangle users from non-essential tasks and focus their effort through highly productive map-based workflows
  • Intelligent – The ability to read data directly means caches are kept up-to-date automatically, allowing Smart Client to work offline, improving performance in the field
  • Unlimited – A single deployment supports an unlimited number of users in the office and the field

Functionality Options

Available in three product tiers – Essentials, Advantage and Professional – GeoMedia Smart Client complements a broad range of customers, from small businesses with few users doing simple vector editing, to large organisations supporting multiple business workflows across various departments.

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