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Height Data
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Height Data

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OS Terrain® 5 is a digital terrain model (DTM) that represents the bare surface of the ground. In general, the data accuracy exceeds two meters RMSE. The data is available as either grid or contours and is maintained as part of the same revision process as Ordnance Survey’s large scale data to ensure consistency. With detailed modelling of significant features such as water bodies, major communication routes, railway lines, quarries and lakes, OS Terrain® 5 provides a valuable third dimension to analytical applications. OS Terrain® 5 data can be combined with a 1:10 000 scale map to provide context. This layer can be turned on or off as required. 


Land-Form Profile® and Profile Plus® is a continuous model of the ground Surface, with all the surface features such as trees, buildings and bridges removed. Analysing the landscape will be helpful if you are trying to assess the environmental risks, maybe as part of an insurance policy or to make sure an area of land is suitable for a new development. Here Land-Form Profile Plus® is overlaid on a 1:10 000 scale Raster


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