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IMAGINE Photogrammetry Add-Ons
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IMAGINE Photogrammetry Add-Ons


IMAGINE Auto DTM is a flexible automatic terrain generation tool which incorporates three varying levels of dense terrain extraction. Depending on the user’s processing time and accuracy requirements, this add-on includes sparse matching (formerly LPS ATE), dense matching (formerly LPS eATE) and a new dense matching capability based on Semi-Global Matching (SGM). Read more...

IMAGINE Terrain Editor

IMAGINE Terrain Editor combines LPS Terrain Editor and LPS Stereo, providing stereo terrain editing functions on any level of ERDAS IMAGINE. The 64-bit solution edits larger datasets than ever, ensuring high quality production and simplified editing. This extensive toolset allows users to edit terrain data draped directly over a stereo image pair, providing dynamic real-time visualisation with interactive updates of contours and terrain on the fly. Read more...

ERDAS Engine

ERDAS Engine is special licensing that allows more processes to run simultaneously without the need for additional downloads. This allows users to meet temporary peaks in demand without purchasing and maintaining extra licenses. Distributed processing therefore maximises product throughput for faster project completion. Read more...

Stereo Analyst for ERDAS IMAGINE

With Stereo Analyst for ERDAS IMAGINE  use stereo pairs to collect 3D vector features from imagery.