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The Future of UK Energy Networks and Why Sterling Geo Has a Role

All of us are energy consumers, and most of us are customers of energy supply and distribution businesses, so it’s not surprising that most people have at least a passing awareness of what has become known as the ‘energy trilemma’ (reliability, affordability, sustainability).

What's New in FME 2017

Once more, the magicians within Safe Software have waved their wands and huddled around their cauldrons to brew up another major release of FME and so this month sees not only the UK leg of the FME World Tour but also the launch of FME 2017.

FME: Minecraft Innovation

BlockBuilders is a Brighton-based start-up that has been using FME to model the city of Brighton and Hove in the popular video game, Minecraft.

Smart City

Is this simply the tech world’s equivalent of the emperor’s new clothes? Are we dressing up old concepts with new terminology? Or can we truly start to understand how our cities are evolving and support the planners and developers of new cities? The realisation that 75% of people globally will be living in cities by 2050 (IBM) means that smart solutions are important, but the key to this is the data feeding them is accurate and actionable. Our responsibility as geographers, therefore is to take the value of location and involve it as early as possible in this process.

The Geography of Social Media

Happy New Year Sterling Geo newsletter readers! Hopefully, this article is light-hearted enough to ease you back into work. The popularity of social media use across the globe is no longer considered to be news. It is now embedded as part of our daily lives and ranges from browsing through a feed to catch up on the latest activity of your network to posting something specific as a method of reaching out to your friends and colleagues.

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  • Hi Johnnie, nice bit of work on the wind farm analysis - it'll be interesting to see if you notice any change. does the thermal band allow you to see which might actually be working? 9 months ago