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Not so long ago, it was relatively easy to keep tabs on what new earth observation data was being acquired. One had the choice of Landsat, SPOT, maybe some Indian satellite data and, well, that was about it. Now, there are over 500 earth observation satellites in orbit which means that there is a data tsunami that users have to manage.

MAppEO Programme Launches

Sterling Geo, in cooperation with Geospatial Insight, Specto Natura and Satellite Applications Catapult, and enabled by company investment and grant award support from Innovate UK, launched the MAppEO Programme on 9 November 2017.

What's New at the Sterling Geo Conference 2017

We are proud to announce our innovative and extensive workshop programme for the Sterling Geo Conference 2017, where we bring together our own expertise with that of our partners from the wider geospatial industry, enabling all delegates to explore and exploit geospatial and earth observation technologies for business intelligence.

Verifying OpenStreetMap with Sentinel Data

OpenStreetMap (OSM) data is a fantastic resource which provides free to use mapping, worldwide. Increasingly, it is providing excellent street level mapping even in remote areas. However, being user-generated, there can be a degree of uncertainty as to its accuracy.

Turbulence in Geography

From Chaos we can derive order – If somewhat complex in its nature. When dabbling with chaos theory and its complexity, a simple geographer like me can quickly turn and run back to my roots: finding a peaceful riverside spot where I can measure the river’s velocity using just a pole and oranges all to reassure myself that the world is quite normal and simple to assess.

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