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On the Fly Processing for UAV Data

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for remote sensing in the UK has increased rapidly over the past 5 years. With growth in the use of UAVs there has been an increase in data, data storage and processing requirements. We have been helping our customers keep up with these new demands with IMAGINE UAV, the UAV workflow add-on for ERDAS IMAGINE, alongside tools such as ERDAS APOLLO for data management and delivery. With the launch of Smart M.Apps, we are also now able to offer the option to store and process UAV data on the cloud.

Figure 1: Digital Surface Model produced using the GeoApp.UAS

The Hexagon M.App Chest and GeoApp.UAS allow customers access to the UAV functions and capabilities of the desktop software without the need to purchase a desktop licence or maintain hardware. It is the ideal solution for short-term projects or small enterprises without a large IT capability as more time can be spent flying and less time is required for processing. Additionally, the Smart M.App platform is priced on a subscription basis – customers only pay for the data storage and processing capabilities required.

Figure 2: M.App Chest used to store UAV data

The Hexagon M.App Chest offers the ability to upload raw UAV data to the cloud based platform, then utilise the cloud hosted GeoApp.UAS to select the raw data from M.App Chest and generate an orthomosaic, digital surface model and point cloud. The process takes less than five minutes to set up and start running and little expertise is required to generate the processed output data. When finished, this processed data is saved back into the M.App Chest, where the user can choose to download the data then delete it from the M.App Chest or store it to deliver to end users with OGC web services. 

Figure 3: GeoApp.UAS is used to produce an Orthographic Mosaic, Digital Surface Model and a Point Cloud

This revolutionary Smart M.App technology is set to open up the UAV data market by increasing data accessibility and providing a simple way of converting the data into intelligent information that can be used as base data for numerous applications.

To find out more information on Smart M.Apps and our UAV solutions contact enquiries@sterlinggeo.com or call freephone 0800 912 0988.

Clare Easton
Geospatial Software Engineer, Sterling Geo

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