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What's New in ERDAS IMAGINE v2016


Spatial Modeler

ERDAS IMAGINE v2015 had 293 Spatial Modeler operators. In v2016 another 129 operators have been added to the list, which fill function gaps such as anomaly detection, coordinate transformations, image rectification and photogrammetry operators.

The new operators are grouped into eight major areas:

These substantially enhance the capability and breadth of the Spatial Modeler, allowing authors to create more complex models that can automatically extract the right information from the input data. This includes iteration – for each input item, do this – and conditional branching using the if, else and unless operators.

A lot of work has also been done on making the Spatial Modeler more usable. Documentation for all the operators now includes at least one worked example to show how it may be used. It is also now possible to annotate models to provide some description as an aide-memoire or to explain to others how and why the model was constructed.

Third parties are now beginning to provide extra functionality to the Spatial Modeler. Geosystems GmbH has created IMAGINE UAV; a recently released application designed to automatically process UAV data within ERDAS IMAGINE. Others include operators for atmospheric correction, pan sharpening, radar despeckling and point cloud tools.

All in all this represents a major step forward for ERDAS IMAGINE and, with the ability to use these Spatial Models in Smart M.Apps, models are ready to build the map of the future.

New Sensor Models

While support for GOKTURK-1 and KazEOSat-1 will no doubt be useful, it is the support for Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 that will be of most interest for UK users. These free to access data sources provide radar and multispectral data worldwide. There is also improved radar processing capability within ERDAS IMAGINE v2016 that will help with handling Sentinel-1 data.

Other Enhancements

Further enhancements in v2016 include:

For much more detailed information on this release, see the official Hexagon Geospatial release guide.

To find out more about the brand new features and capabilities within ERDAS IMAGINE v2016, join us at our annual user group meeting, HxGN LOCAL UK 2016, at Stoke Rochford Hall between 26-28 September 2016. 

Johnnie Shannon
Senior Geospatial Software Engineer

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