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What's New in FME 2017

Once more, the magicians within Safe Software have waved their wands and huddled around their cauldrons to brew up another major release of FME and so this month sees not only the UK leg of the FME World Tour but also the launch of FME 2017.

As usual you will find, overall, a better performance, ease-of-use, and more formats and transformers. You can take a deep dive into this cauldron of FME magic with the recent webinars for Desktop and Server.

However, we have studied our spell books hard to summarise some of the most magical new or improved features here for you.

Some of the most visual improvements are the ability to now add Readers and Writers from the Quick Add menu alongside transformers, as well as a new dockable parameters window for editing transformer settings both of which make working with your workspace quicker and easier. The big (and exciting - for those like me with Workspace OCD!) visual change for 2017 though is the introduction of connection styles for the canvas within the introduction of curved, straight, or squared connection styles.

The Data Inspector also has an improved table view that simplifies switching between different tables and also allows the user to filter which columns are shown. Alongside the visual improvements, FME now also embraces the Web as a filesystem so you can now directly access files stored within Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox, for example, as you would the local filesystem.

There are new file formats too, including support for Planet’s API, access to Sentinel 2 imagery on AWS, Mapbox support and support for Raster within OGC GeoPackage. There is also support for the OpenStreetMap PBF format, QlikMaps for BI and an HTML Table Reader.

There are new transformers along with upgrades to existing ones, including an improved GeoCoder. The GridInQuestReprojector now supports OSTN15 and there are connector transformers for popular cloud storage platforms like Dropbox and OneDrive, not to mention new Point Cloud Surface builders and the HTMLExtractor, which is perfect for monitoring chocolate! On top of this there has been improvement to the AWS SQS and S3 transformers, the RasterMosaicker has new blend options and the ShortestPathFinder now solves The Travelling Salesman problem. Whilst not quite Hermione’s time-turner,  Safe have nevertheless spun some magic on DateTimes within FME 2017 including the introduction of a new DataTimeCalculator transformer to help aid calculations involving time and date operations such as how long has elapsed since a given date, for example.

FME Server hasn’t been forgotten either with the user interface benefiting from a complete refresh to make it even more useable and intuitive. It also features improved user security and introduces projects which allow you to bundle up workspaces, topics, or subscriptions for example into a single transferable package. Oh and FME Cloud has become cheaper and more powerful too!

If that wasn’t enough, Safe have also introduced FME Hub that is the one-stop shop for community authored workspaces, transformers or web connections. This opens up the wealth of user talent and expertise within the user community to other users.

Don’t forget if you want to find out more about all of the new abilities within FME 2017, as well as have the chance to win some magical swag, come along to our FME World Tour 2017 events.

Gavin Park
Sterling Geo

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