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FME World Tour Sterling Geo Style

Last month, we were delighted to host two events as part of the global FME World Tour. As with all of our events, we brought together the best speakers, innovations and practical sessions wrapped up in the friendly atmosphere synonymous to all Sterling Geo events.

Our aim for the days was to allow all delegates, no matter what their skill level, to develop their FME knowledge through benefiting from the expertise of peers, the Sterling Geo team and our guest speakers. 

Mark Stoakes, Safe Software, gave context to the day with his review of FME 2017. With the 2017 World Tour theme being magic and wizardry, Safe Software pulled out of the hat a range of new formats, transformers and increasingly tighter integration to the web and web APIs that really takes FME to the next level. Our interest is obviously focused on the new cloud-based processes and the EO functionality, both of which we are exploring extensively in our business analytics projects for clients.

Following this, guest presenters delivered an enlightening range of talks showing FME in practice for scenarios such as:

The afternoon was spent on what has become a Sterling Geo tradition, the FME hackathon. Delegates were divided into teams and given a series of challenges on the theme of renewable energy and business analytics. 

The aim was to explore how FME can be used to turn raw data, in all its ugly form, into concise reports and automated web services powering FME based online reporting, driving external systems. The teams produced some outstanding results, causing the judges significant consideration when choosing a winner.

After a day of intense concentration, we closed the event on a lighter note, playing Ghost in the Machine, which Safe Software describe as: ‘a thrilling game of Human vs Machine!’ For this, images were added and a comparison was made between the audience’s description of the image and the results given from the FME Engine. This brought great hilarity as Phil kindly offered photos of Sterling Geo staff – the Ghost in the Machine was not always kind when guessing our ages!

We would like to thank our hosts Leica Geosystems and British Geological Survey, speakers and delegates for making these events a pleasure to run. We also gained from spending time with the FME community and enhanced our own knowledge of common issues and challenges faced, feeding back into the excellent support our team provides.

From the delegates perspective, we were thrilled we had achieved our aim for the days to enhance FME skillsets:

“Extremely informative and useful, opening our eyes to infinite possibilities coming with FME.”

“I value having the chance to explore FME in a practical exercise and to discuss and share ideas and experience with others.”

If you are interested in learning more about FME, join one of our training courses. We have a full catalogue of courses developed to help you make the most out of your FME investment.  Alternatively, keep an eye out for an announcement of our revised annual conference where we will be offering much more FME content.

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