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Moving from Industry-Driven Data to Data-Driven Industry

Picture: Taken from Utility Week Live Twitter page

This month, in a break from our usual programme of events, Sterling Geo attended the Utility Week Live Exhibition, co-located with edie.live, at the NEC, Birmingham.

Our aim for the two-day exhibition was to see where the Utilities industry is looking to use new technologies and data to provide a better customer experience and deliver transformational change. Also, to identify ways in which Sterling Geo may be able to support them in their endeavours.

From the outset, it was clear that innovation, creativity and enterprise were key areas of focus for the vast majority of exhibitors and visitors, with everything from the latest and greatest in personal protective equipment (PPE) to complex software solutions on show.

A great example of how we can help support the Utilities industry came in the form of Rezatec, a valued Sterling Geo customer, winning the ‘Most Innovative Technology’ award at Isle Utilities’ Big Water Pitch, held at the event. Rezatec specialises in advanced geospatial satellite data analysis and derived water industry intelligence products and we are pleased to congratulate them on their win and look forward to continuing to support them in their future undertakings.

Picture: Taken from Utility Week Live Twitter page

Having attended the Streetworks Conference sponsored by Elgin and supported by the National Joint Utilities Group (NJUG), held in conjunction with the exhibition, it became evident that identifying the issues and barriers facing the industry is not a simple task. Starting with the skills gap and skills shortage and moving onto succession planning, it was clear that even once these issues were addressed, there would still be the issue that every industry faces – data availability, quality and reliability; something Richard Broome, Managing Director of LineSearchBeforeUDig, was very passionate about during his delivery of a case study on increasing visibility of utility assets underground.

The Data Driven Network is currently such a hot topic that it warranted its own seminar in the Network Theatre, with discourses by the Energy Systems Catapult, Electralink, Guru Systems and Wales and West Utilities all explaining how the digital data market is transforming business performance, enhancing efficiency and opportunities and delivering cost reductions to both the industry and consumers. The overall message taken from this is that data is key to change and innovation, and needs to be embraced by the industry at large.

Sterling Geo engineers solutions that transform space-borne, airborne and terrestrial data into accurate, actionable information. We have a reputation for capability, quality and service, emanating from a combination of having the right people and our specialist technical knowledge.

Working both within the research and development and commercial sectors, our software and hardware offer a range of capabilities to work with big data and complex network environments used in delivering projects.

At the forefront of all major changes and challenges that face industry, Sterling Geo understands and undertakes work to meet the commercial and technical pressures that have evolved with big data and complex network environments.

It was clear from our visit that Sterling Geo has a great deal to offer the Utilities industry our software and data services can provide added value to existing and new projects. To find out more, contact us by emailing enquiries@sterlinggeo.com or call us on Freephone 0800 912 0988.

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