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Review: FME International User Conference 2017

It was simply awesome. Set next to the stunning harbour with the back drop of the Rocky Mountains and meeting the Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield, without a doubt made this the best FME conference I have attended.

With the growth and use of FME technology as a key ingredient to so many geospatial and other data validation processes it is not surprising that the turnout in 2017 was well over 400 users, certainly the biggest ever.

Don and Dale, co-founders of Safe Software, took to the stage several times over the 3 days and presented us with a view of the developments that are continually undertaken to ensure a highly robust and performant product stack is available to the loyal and ever-growing client base, now well over 10,000 globally!

As a delighted follower of ‘The Cloud’, I was particularly pleased to see that FME Cloud, perhaps still very much the new kid on the block, is gaining traction and use. In-turn it was with also a sense of immense pride that Sterling Geo were awarded Cloud Partner of the year 2016. Read Safe’s blog on how we’ve built EO apps using FME Cloud here.

As mentioned above, a particular highlight for me was meeting Chris Hadfield with his 80 Million Horse Powered engine. But also high on my list of highlights were seeing the flexibility of Docker and learning about the new FME Home Edition (sign up now!). It was also brilliant seeing the pace of development with FME 2017 which includes access to and ability to work with EO data. Satellite imagery is very much in vogue and, with the sheer volume of data now available, perfect for FME technology to handle. Sterling Geo have been developing business analytics powered by EO data, so the ability to ingest Sentinel-2, Landsat and Planet data is a perfect development for our company and our clients.

My huge thanks to the Safe team in Vancouver, both Gavin Park and myself were made to feel very welcome. We look forward to the continued growth and uptake of FME in the UK and trying to guess how they will top the 2017 conference.

Phil Cooper
CIO and Director

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