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Hexagon Global Conference: HxGN LIVE 2017 – Harmonising Technology

HxGN LIVE 2017 Las Vegas
13 - 16 June 2017

HxGN LIVE 2017 attracted over 4000 delegates. The UK contingent included the Sterling Geo team, partners and clients all ready to take value from the event.

The conference was split between keynotes, training sessions, technical demos, an exhibition and various networking events.  The juggernaut that is Hexagon put on a mighty display and set the scene for the scale and buzz of the event. Hexagon consists of a number of different divisions and they were all represented in the exhibition hall; autonomous vehicles, measuring instruments, AI robots; the list goes on. The geospatial contingent had a huge part to play, as you might expect, taking in a mass of data from multiple sensors and creating valuable information from it.

The main event kicked off with an inspiring keynote from Hexagon CEO, Ola Rollen, showcasing the technological advances across the group. A major highlight from this is the introduction of machine learning to ERDAS IMAGINE: see Emily’s article. Hexagon has taken its experience from the artificial intelligence field, applied it to geospatial data and made this accessible through the ERDAS IMAGINE Spatial Modeler.

The next day, the keynote was delivered by Mladen Stojic, President of Hexagon Geospatial. His talk ‘Escaping the Flatlandsencouraged bringing data to life, portraying it as current, dynamic and fluid information updated and visualised when and how it is required. This is made possible using the tools that we all know and love and encasing them in a system architecture that suits our individual requirements. This could be, from a security point of view, hosted onsite or on a cloud-based environment, each building on from the launch of the Smart M.Apps platforms.   

Mladen emphasised the need to harmonise data by applying a workflow to conduct analytics and visualise information whilst making the end user experience intuitive and clear as possible.   

However, Hexagon LIVE 2017 was not all about keynotes. There were training and demo sessions designed to allow you to create your own personal learning experience.  Throughout the event, HxGN TV was in full action, recording interviews with users and experts from around the world, including our very own Andy Wells. In addition to all of this, there was also the opportunity to catch up with the Hexagon Geospatial technical and managerial staff, meet companies from around the world and develop new business opportunities. The experience of attending is invaluable for any Hexagon Geospatial user and plans are already being made for HxGN LIVE 2018 which is being held between 12 and 15 June 2018, in Las Vegas.

If you weren’t able to attend, catch up with all the latest news, including the interviews on HxGN TV, on the HxGN LIVE 2017 event page.

We look forward to HxGN LIVE 2018!

Kumar Pancholi 
Business Development Manager

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