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Ordnance Survey MasterMap Topography Layer Upgrade

Early last year, it was announced that Ordnance Survey would be upgrading their flagship mapping product, OS MasterMap Topography layer, to offer not only better styling options, but also newly enriched content.

The introduction of the new schema 9 in the early part of this year paved the way for the inclusion of these new attributes, allowing for significantly improved analytics and unleashing the new and improved visualisation capabilities of the data.

76 new attribute values have been added, enabling approximately 10 million enriched features compared with schema 7. This includes land cover, habitats and landscape features, not to mention the huge changes around the 11,800 km of British coastline, where foreshore detail such as Mud, Sand, Shingle and Boulders are all individually visualised for the first time. In addition, co-incident Mean Low Water and Mean High Water are both shown, allowing for styling to display either ‘Low Tide’ or ‘High Tide’ representations.

Moving away from the coast, the improvements continue with improved inland water attribution features meaning that reservoirs, watercourses and canals are all now distinguishable. Land-Use attributes have also received the VIP treatment, with Landfill, Mineral Extraction and Agricultural Land amongst those to share in the benefits of the enhanced content.

Structural attribution has also been improved, with new descriptive terms including Bridge, Telecoms Mast, Tank, Footbridge and Chimney, to name but a few, and enabling the location of individual features such as level crossings without the requirement for interpreting cartographic text attributes.

When is this happening? Phased rollout out begins in October 2017, and is expected to continue through until at least March 2018.

How do I prepare for the changes? Ensure that the system and software you are using supports the use of the new schema data – Ordnance Survey have sample data available for you to test this.

Sterling Geo is an Ordnance Survey Partner, allowing us to license OS data products directly to our customers. We have a vast wealth of experience in the cartographic industry and, with our team of highly skilled geospatial experts, are ready to meet all your mapping needs.

For more information, enquiries or to order Ordnance Survey data from us, please e-mail us at enquries@sterlinggeo.com or call us on 0800 912 0988.

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