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New Training Courses for 2017

Sterling Geo’s new training courses for 2017 are ready to go!

Our Certified Trainers have been busy throughout September creating two new courses ready for our pre-conference Training Day at Hothorpe Hall on 11 December. FME in an Interconnected World and Get up and Go with Sentinel-1 in ERDAS IMAGINE. These will introduce you to the latest functionality in FME and ERDAS IMAGINE.

FME in an Interconnected World

Our FME team have developed one of their famous hackathons to bring you FME in an Interconnected World.

If data management is your thing and you are interested in connecting, automating and transforming data from disparate sources then this is the course for you. It will give you the opportunity to explore FME’s capability to connect data silos and reach out to the world of cloud-connected sensors and devices to make smarter use of data.

FME's ability to read, process and analyse sensor messages to identify significant events then execute appropriate responses automatically, and in real-time, is leading this technology to the forefront of smart data management. 

This course will have a high practical content allowing you to experience the power of FME Cloud to connect to data from the physical world to undertake automated data movement and workflow scheduling.

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Get up and Go with Sentinel-1 in ERDAS IMAGINE

At the same time, our ERDAS IMAGINE team have designed Get up and Go with Sentinel-1 in ERDAS IMAGINE. Since its launch in 2014, the Sentinel-1 satellite has been providing a wealth of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data. If you haven’t yet investigated the potential of this data source, now is the time to do so. Not only does Sentinel-1 have the key benefit of being freely downloadable, it also has a 12-day repeat orbit cycle, a high spatial resolution and, because it is SAR, it is an all-weather, day and night suppler of imagery.

The applications of SAR stretch across both land and sea, monitoring sea ice, oil spills, marine winds and waves as well as land-use change, crop health, soil properties, land deformation and emergency response planning for floods and earthquakes.

One such application is Polar View. Since the satellite’s launch, the British Antarctic Survey have been exploiting the data in their online portal, Polar View. The main focus to provide near real time observation of sea ice in the Arctic and Antarctic to assist ships safely navigating these hazardous, ice-filled waters.

This course will demonstrate the power of ERDAS IMAGINE’s Spatial Modeler to exploit Sentinel-1 imagery, to provide actionable information, and will give you the opportunity to discuss the potential of integrating this valuable data source into your existing workflows.

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All you have to do is decide which course is right for you. Full information is available on our Sterling Geo Conference 2017 pages including course outlines and booking forms. Do join us and discover how our technologies can benefit your workflows.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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