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Not so long ago, it was relatively easy to keep tabs on what new earth observation data was being acquired. One had the choice of Landsat, SPOT, maybe some Indian satellite data and, well, that was about it. Now, there are over 500 earth observation satellites in orbit which means that there is a data tsunami that users have to manage.

Keeping tabs on what data has been acquired over your area of interest could be a full-time job. Fortunately, here at Sterling Geo we have developed an automated satellite imagery notification service – EO Notify. This is a free and simple to use service, allowing anyone to receive notifications of new imagery acquisitions. 

All the user needs do is to sign into their Sterling Geo account, select the area of interest (or multiple areas of interest) that they wish to monitor, specify a few parameters and then the app will keep an eye out for new data that has been acquired that fits the specification.

At the moment, the service is limited to Sentinel-2, but we will be including other free-to-download and commercial data soon.

This is where you, the user, comes in. This service is currently free to use but we would like you to help guide its development. What other data sources would you like to have included? What additional functionality would you like to see? How would you like to access the data? What additional processing would be useful for your work?

For more information and to see the service in action, come along to the dedicated EO Notify workshop at the Sterling Geo Conference 2017. Alternatively, email our team at enquiries@sterlinggeo.com or call us on 0800 912 0988. 

Johnnie Shannon
Technical Manager

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