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MAppEO Programme Launches

Sterling Geo, in cooperation with Geospatial Insight, Specto Natura and Satellite Applications Catapult, and enabled by company investment and grant award support from Innovate UK, launched the MAppEO Programme on 9 November 2017.

The MAppEO Platform will provide Answers-As-A-Service; applying cutting edge geospatial processing, modelling and analytics on earth observation, dynamic in-situ sensors and operational data to support a series of thematic challenges presented by customers drawn from government and commercial verticals in Smart Cities, Agri-Business, Environment, Land Management and Natural Resources Management communities of interest.

Developing Nations - Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

The key features of MAppEO are:

We will use our core technologies to develop this platform which will be launched in February 2018. This will be followed by quarterly releases of domain-oriented applications.

Agri-Business - Focus Intensive & Small-holding Farms, CSR and Farming Supply Chain Production Efficiencies

To get involved as an industry partner and benefit from this new, innovative way of working, join us at the Sterling Geo Conference 2017 and attend the dedicated MAppEO workshop. Alternatively, contact our project team directly by email at: enquiries@sterlinggeo.com. We look forward to discussing the opportunities for joining the MAppEO community with you. 

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