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Out of the Comfort Zone

I was hugely privileged last month to be invited by the World Bank to attend the Ramani Huria conference in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I went with only a modest level of knowledge around this project and an understanding that satellite imagery, remote sensing and UAV imagery was involved.

Integrations for Better Customer Experience

A previous article (FME + API = Service Integration Platform, written by Surrey Heath Borough Council) highlighted that FME has an incredibly powerful ability to integrate between various systems. As noted in their article, this can be accomplished using transformers such as the HTTPCaller to make requests to both REST and SOAP API’s to achieve data synchronicity between databases and data collection tools.

Part 3: Build Value from Geography

In my first two articles, I spent a short time delving into the creation of engines (GeoEngines) as well as what will be fuelling them and I will now make the bold assumption that we have the tools and technology to create powerful workflows that will move our vehicle (App) forward delivering business analytics. What this article considers is the design, the very style which provokes us to respond and engage with the App.

FME + API = Service Integration Platform

The digital age is upon us and cloud-based subscription services are becoming more and more common. Data (DaaS), software (SaaS) and infrastructure (IaaS) can all be provided ‘as a service’. At Surrey Heath Borough Council we have subscribed to some of these ‘aaS’s’ which provide data from Elgin (roadworks.org), software from Salesforce and infrastructure from Amazon Web Services.

Part 2: Building GeoEngines - Turning Data into Power

1886 is regarded as the year of the birth of the modern automobile with the creation of the Benz Patent - ‘Motorwagen’, brainchild of German inventor Carl Benz. Motorised wagons soon replaced animal-drafted carriages, especially after more affordable models such as the Ford Model T was introduced in 1908. It is mind-boggling to realise that, in a little over a century, humanity has developed the technology that replaced horse-powered carriages with ultra-sophisticated cars responding to voice commands and driven by an on-board computer.

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