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Wind Farms from Landsat 8

Recently I have been assessing the value of satellite data to identify unusual features. Looking at a Landsat 8 image over the Lake District, I noticed some interesting, if somewhat faint, regular patterns off the coast.

FME: A World Tour

A World Tour! Even the very title conjures up images of container trucks carrying vast light rigs, sound and pyrotechnics, with a great team of roadies shifting tonnes of kit from venue to venue in an unrelenting delivery to crowds of adoring, screaming fans! Well, maybe we haven’t got the crowds of screaming fans, but we certainly have a team of committed ‘roadies’ (sorry FME team!)

Our New FME Pro

At the end of March I finally got to join Gavin as an FME® Certified Professional. This means I am considered a knowledgeable FME expert and I get an extra logo to put on my email signatures and presentations!

Review: The FME Bootcamp, Annecy

This month, our FME team attended the annual FME Bootcamp in Annecy - a wonderful setting to keep right up-to-date with the world of Safe Software. Don Murray, CEO of Safe Software, provided a few key messages and I made sure I did my best to keep up!

IGNITE is Alight!

Launched in January, IGNITE is your opportunity to build an innovative Hexagon Smart M.App that you believe will change the world and if it hits the mark, you can win big with $250,000 USD offered in prizes.

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