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December 2017 - Let us notify you... Video: Sam's Two Minute Tip, MAppEO Programme Launches, Video: The Impact of Smart Cities on Citizens, Last Chance to Register! Save the Date! Season's Greetings from Safe Software
November 2017 - Verifying OpenStreetMap with Sentinel Data, Video: Holly's Two Minute Tip, What's New at the Sterling Geo Conference 2017, Video: What does it mean to be a Smart City? Sterling Geo Conference 2017
October 2017 - New Training Courses for 2017, Video: Emily's Two Minute Tip, Turbulence in Geography, Video: QlikMapsWriter Transformer Demo, Sterling Geo Conference 2017: Innovation Centre, Hexagon Want Your Ideas! Welcome! 
September 2017 - It's Here: Sterling Geo Conference 2017, Video: Holly's Two Minute Tip, Ordnance Survey MasterMap Topography Layer Upgrade, Video: Why on Earth Have the UK Space Agency Been Using FME Cloud? We're Recruiting! Welcome! Come and Say Hello
August 2017 - Chaos: Geographers and The Butterfly Effect, Video: Emily's Two Minute Tip, All Good Things Come to Those Who Wait! Video: Sterling Geo Story, Welcome! We're Recruiting, Dragons' Den
July 2017 -  It's a Date! Video: Gavin's Two Minute Tip, What's Coming in ERDAS IMAGINE 2018, Video: When One API Just Isn't Enough, Using FME as an API Integration Platform, New Release! Save the Date
June 2017 - Review: FME International User Conference 2017, Video: Emily's Two Minute Tip, Moving from Industry-Driven Data to Data-Driven Industry, Video: Supporting Cities with New Technologies to Address Challenges, FME Cloud Partner of the Year! Summer Workshop, Operation: M.Appathon 2.0
May 2017 - EASOS: Addressing Major Environmental Challenges in Malaysia, Video: Gavin's Two Minute Tip, Project Harrop: Schools Workshop on Flooding, Video: Behind the Scenes with Climate-Smart Crop, We're Out & About, Welcome! We're Recruiting!
April 2017 - FME World Tour Sterling Geo Style, Video: Emily's Two Minute Tip, A Preview of HxGN LIVE 2017, Welcome! New Training Dates
March 2017 - What's New in FME 2017, Video: FME 2017: So Good You'll Swear it's Magic, The Future of UK Energy Networks and Why Sterling Geo has a Role, HxGN LIVE 2017 Early Bird Ending Soon
February 2017 - FME: Minecraft Innovation, Video: Johnnie's Two Minute Tip, Smart City, Video: 12 Reasons to Love FME, HxGN LIVE 2017 is back! Sentinel-2 Hotfix for ERDAS IMAGINE 2016 v16.1
January 2017 - 2017: The Planets Align, Video: AWS and FME 2017, The Geography of Social Media, #ShowYourGeo, FME World Tour 2017, Welcome! IGNITE: Winners Announced!
December 2016 - Out of the Comfort Zone, Video: Emily's Two Minute Tip, Integrations for Better Customer Experience, Video: Flying the E-Bee, Welcome! 3 Inspiring EO Apps
November 2016 - Part Three: Build Value from Geography, Video: Clare's Two Minute Tip, FME + API = Service Integration Platform, Video: Climate-Smart Crop, IGNITE - The Finals, We're Recruiting! Save the Date: FME World Tour 2017
October 2016 - Review: HxGN LOCAL UK 2016, Video: Johnnie's Two Minute Tip, Part Two: Building GeoEngines - Turning Data into Power, Video: #MakeMyMapp What Can Your Data Tell You? Upcoming Events, Exploring the Possibilities of Earth Observation Data, Congratulations!
September 2016 - Fuel for our GeoEngines, Video: Jenny's Two Minute Tip, A Simple Slope Shaded Map in Spatial Modeler, Video: Help Make Sense of the Dynamically Changing World, Last Chance! GeoDATA 2016, We're Out and About
August 2016 - ERDAS IMAGINE in Academia, Video: Emily's Two Minute Tip, National Parks Receive Bespoke ERDAS IMAGINE Training, Video: HxGN LIVE 2016 Anaheim Keynote Part 1: Escaping the Flatlands, Amazon joins us at HxGN LOCAL UK 2016, Commercial LACs Now Available, September Training 
July 2016 - What's New in ERDAS IMAGINE v2016, Video: Jenny's Two Minute Tip, HxGN LOCAL UK 2016 is here! Video: Space for Smarter Government Programme, IGNITE UK Finalist! Land Cover Analysis Training, HxGN LOCAL UK 2016
June 2016 - FME and Leica Zeno, Video: Emily's Two Minute Tip, Wind Farm from Landsat 8, Video: What's New in the Power Portfolio 2016, June Training Courses, It's Not Too Late to Register! Save the Date: HxGN LOCAL UK 2016
May 2016 - FME: A World Tour, Video: Jenny's Two Minute Tip, Our FME Pro, Video: Get Your Smart M.App Idea to Market, IGNITE - Get your submission in! Call Out for Articles, Training - New Courses Added!, HxGN LIVE - Register Now!
April 2016 - IGNITE is Alight, Video: Emily's Two Minute Tip, Review: The FME Bootcamp, Annecy, Video: Hexagon Smart M.Apps, FME World Tour 2016 - Last Chance!
March 2016 - Sterling Geo Supports the UK Space Agency Programme, Video: Jenny's Two Minute Tip, On the Fly Processing for UAV Data, Video: OS Helps Transform a Static Map into a Dynamic Hexagon Smart M.App, Training - Book Your Place Now
February 2016 - Connect Your World with FME 2016, Video: Emily's Two Minute Tip, El Chicon: Vegetation Response and Recovery Following a Volcanic Eruption, Video: Introducing Hexagon Smart M.App, IGNITE: Your Idea, Your Chance to Win $100,000! Book your FREE place at FME World Tour 2016
January 2016 - A Look at  the New Sentinel-2A Data, Video: Gavin's Two Minute Tip, 2016 Think Differently! Video: Operational Radar Seminar Part 2, Training
December 2015 - Ordnance Survey Partners with Hexagon Geospatial to Deliver Innovative Information Services, Video: Johnnie's Two Minute Tip, Operational Radar: Extracting Information from Imagery - The Highlights, Video: Operational Radar Seminar Part 1, HxGN LIVE Hong Kong
November 2015HxGN LOCAL UK 2015 - The Highlights! Video: Jenny's Two Minute Tip, Where Have All The Flowers Gone? Video: M.App Chest Demo, Attend Our FREE Operational Radar Seminar!

October 2015 - Earth-i announces forthcoming operational data services from the DMC3/TripleSat Constellation, Video: Emily's Two Minute Tip, Tellus South-West: Environmental Survey for the Nation, Video: Hexagon Geospatial Keynote: A Fearless Experience of Change - Part 4: Analytics to Answers, HxGN LOCAL UK Only Days Away!

September 2015 - 3 Reasons to Attend HxGN LOCAL UK 2015, Video: Jenny's Two Minute Tip, IMAGINE UAV Takes Off in the UK, Video: Video: Hexagon Geospatial Keynote: A Fearless Experience of Change - Part 3: Workflow Clarity, Do You Want to Improve Your Software Skills?

August 2015 - Get Ready for HxGN LIVE LOCAL UK, Video: Clare's Two Minute Tip, New! Consumer Portal: Try It Yourself, Nottingham Trent University Roll Out ERDAS IMAGINE, Video: Hexagon Geospatial Keynote: A Fearless Experience of Change - Part 2: Big Data Access, Windows10 Release, Staff News: Emily Qualifies as a Certified ERDAS Trainer


July 2015 - Change is the One Constant: HxGN LIVE Review, Video: Hexagon Geospatial Keynote: A Fearless Experience of Change - Part 1: Introduction, HxGN LIVE Keynote: A Moment in Time, Video: Introducing Smart M.Apps

June 2015 ERDAS IMAGINE Spatial Modeler used for Automated UAV Imagery Interpretation and Analysis, Video: Jenny's Two Minute FME Tip, FME World Tour Follow Up, Video: UAV Imagery - Palm Tree Counting Using ERDAS IMAGINE's Spatial Modeler

May 2015 - Geospatial Insight Use ERDAS IMAGINE to Provide State-of-the-Art Forecasting Solution for Agriculture, Video: Emily's Two Minute Tip, HxGN LIVE 2015! What Can We Expect?, Video: What's New at Sterling Geo?, FME World Tour 2015 - Only One Month Away!

April 2015 - Sterling Geo Training Increases by 50%, Video: Gavin's Two Minute FME Tip, Sterling Geo Recognised for Excellence, Video: What is the Platform Suite?, HxGN LIVE - Register Now

March 2015 - British Antarctic Survey use ERDAS APOLLO to serve Sentinel data, Video: Emily's Two Minute Tip, Take Charge of LiDAR Data, Video: What is the Producer Suite?, Event: FME World Tour, Event: Wavelength by RSPSoc

February 2015 - What's Great in FME Desktop 2015?, How Can I Upgrade?, Video: Jenny's Two Minute FME Tip, Jenny Luther Thomas' Favourite Features, Announcing the new Workspace Library for FME, Staff News: Jasmine Walsh to Swim 5km for Charity

January 2015 - 2015 is Here! So What's New?, How Can I Upgrade?, 2015 Review: Johnnie Shannon's Favourite Features, Video: How to easily set some key preferences in ERDAS IMAGINE, Sterling Geo Launches New Website.

December 2014 - McKenzie Intelligence Services use ERDAS IMAGINE for Spectral Profiling, Video: How to recode a specific section of a classification in ERDAS IMAGINE, Sterling Geo Successfully Launch New Training Programme, Video: Power Portfolio - What is the Producer Suite?, Staff News: Andy Wells Voted into the AGI Council.
November 2014 - We're FME Gold Partners!, Video: how to use the Batch Command Recorder in ERDAS IMAGINE, News from InterGEO 2014, Video: Introducing the Power Portfolio, Staff News: Sam Campbell Walking for Rugby Charity.

Sterling Geo's October 2014 Newsletter Thumbnail

October 2014 - News from the UK Geospatial User Group Meeting 2014, Video: Perform change detection in ERDAS IMAGINE with DeltaCue using Landsat 5 imagery, Sterling Geo Launches Early Adopters Programme for New Lightweight GPR, Video: Take the Challenge.

Sterling Geo's September 2014 Newsletter Thumbnail

September 2014 - Many Happy Returns as ECW Turns 16-Years-Old, Video: Create an NDVI in ERDAS IMAGINE in two different ways, featuring the Spatial Modeller and Landsat 8, We Welcome Four New Starters, Video: Ram Takes Down UAV.

Sterling Geo's August 2014 Newsletter Thumbnail

August 2014 - Sterling Geo provide ERDAS IMAGINE and support to McKenzie Intelligence to exploit Skybox Imagery, Video: How to use the different tools effectively to get the most out of your imagery, Sterling Geo and IRSA Collaborate to Support Research with new M.Phil Student, Video: How ERDAS IMAGINE is Used Globally.

Sterling Geo's July 2014 Newsletter Thumbnail

July 2014 -  ERDAS IMAGINE Transforms the way Rezatec Analyses EO Data, Video: Easily import high resolution Landsat data into ERDAS IMAGINE in just a few clicks, FME International User Conference 2014 Round-up, Video: Our Live Tracking System Using a Raspberry Pi.

 Sterling Geo's June 2014 Newsletter Thumbnail

June 2014 - UGM 2014: Announcing the 360 Degree Video Igloo, Video: How to easily view elevation data in ERDAS IMAGINE, HxGN Live! 2014 - Andy Wells Reports from Las Vegas, Video: Andy Wells Speaks at HxGN Live 2014.

 Sterling Geo's May 2014 Newsletter Thumbnail

May 2014 - Announcing The 2014 Sterling Geo UGM, Video: How to quickly locate an image in IMAGINE using Google Earth and Open Street Maps, Sterling Geo Attracts Interest from Global Geo Community, Video: How to Link FME with the IMAGINE Spatial Modeler.

Sterling Geo's April 2014 Newsletter Thumbnail 

April 2014 - We're Hiring, Video: How to create a mosaic from an area of interest, Have Your Say! The Results, Video: How to Upload Data to FME Server/FME Cloud.

Sterling Geo's March 2014 Newsletter Thumbnail 

March 2014 -  IMAGINE Spatial Modeler Maps Flooded Areas Captured on Landsat 8, Video: How to add a pre-made spatial model into IMAGINE, The 1Spatial FME World Tour 2014 Supported by Sterling Geo, Video: What's Great in FME 2014?

Sterling Geo's February 2014 Newsletter Thumbnail 

February 2014 - Safe Software Release FME Desktop and Server 2014, IMAGINE 2014 Licensing Now Available, Video: How to add data to the portal, Sterling Geo Provides Training at National Park Conference, Video: 2014 Re-Packaging Announcement.

 Sterling Geo's January 2014 Newsletter Thumbnail

January 2014 - Intergraph Geospatial in 2014, Important 2014 Licensing Information, Video: There is a long way and a short way to convert areas of interest to shape files in IMAGINE, Johnnie shows you the short way, National Grid Complete Upgrade of ERDAS Software and FME, Video: Sterling Geo in 2014, Are you Ready to Take the Challenge.