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OS MasterMapTM Data

For more information and to order Ordnance Survey maps from us, please email us at geodata@sterling-power.co.uk or call us on Freephone 0800 912 0988.

Topography Layer is the most detailed, current and comprehensive map dataset of Great Britain, it enables you to take better decisions and manage your assets more effectively.  When accuracy really counts, choose OS MasterMap Topography Layer.


Integrated Transport NetworkTM (ITN) Layer maps Great Britain’s road network – from motorways to pedestrian streets and alleys. Ideal for route planning or to manage your resources, it consists of three elements: Road Network (road geometry), Road Routing Information (routing information for drivers on mandatory and banned turns and other restrictions) and Urban Paths (manmade path geometry in urban areas).


AddressLayer2 links any property address to its location on the map. It provides precise coordinates for more than 27 million residential and commercial properties in Great Britain. This layer is ideal to meet the needs of your business if you provide essential doorstep services.


Imagery Layer provides you with a current seamless picture of Great Britain as a set of aerial photographs. It gives a compelling visual dimension that cannot be gained from mapping alone and is ideal for monitoring features such as road markings, trees, pipes and paths.



Sites Layer provides a nationally consistent representation of polygon features that denote the area or extent of certain types of function or activity with appropriate attribution. Access and routing points to navigate in/our of and to/ from the sites depicted are also provided. In addition, OS MasterMap® Sites Layer has been designed to enhance the analytical use of OS MasterMap® Topography Layer.


Water Layer Beta - Water Layer maps Great Britain’s watercourses into a detailed logical model. Information from Environment Agency and Scottish Environment Protection Agency supplements the base network to provide useful additional information for users. This product is currently in beta. Full release is planned for March 2014.



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