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Universities in the UK and Ireland have long been the training ground for future remote sensing analysts and earth scientists. The volume of satellite data now being made available through nationwide educational schemes, means students and researchers can access an archive of satellite data, to complete research and projects in any geographical area.

From using low resolution imagery for simple change detection in sensitive environments or specific habitats, to urban settlement monitoring with the latest high resolution data from SPOT, Quickbird or Ikonos and even the ability to monitor remote areas, such as sand dunes, which are not easily accessible by humans. For example, the ability to run an NDVI by a researcher in Boston, using data stored in Dundee and present the results to a field operative in Cairo is here and opens up the possibilities to faster, more accurate and better informed research.

Better Research

New developments in the evolution of Web Publishing Services have seen the ability to generate spatial models in ERDAS IMAGINE and the ability to publish them on the web “in the cloud” using ERDAS APOLLO. This development, along with the increase in use of web services, should be embraced by researchers looking to collaborate with other establishments, across the UK or globally.

Chest Agreement

The Chest Agreement offered by Eduserv allows universities to access specially negotiated licenses of Hexagon Geospatial software, recognised as the leading geo-imaging software.

We supply Hexagon Geospatial products to Universities and sites of higher and further education in the UK and to 3rd level colleges in Ireland. These are provided with heavily discounted prices negotiated by Eduserv under the Chest Agreement.

This allows educational establishments to utilise Hexagon Geospatial software for teaching and research purposes for just one small annual fee. The software can be used both on and off campus. For more information on the Chest Agreement for universities visit the Chest website.