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Small and Mid-Scale Mapping
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Small and Mid-Scale Mapping

For more information and to order Ordnance Survey maps from us, please email us at geodata@sterling-power.co.uk or call us on Freephone 0800 912 0988.

OS VectorMap Local enables you to create your own detailed backdrop maps. You can highlight and display specific features on the map as well as overlaying your own information, displaying exactly what you want – ideal if you need a map tailored to your project or for web applications. Sterling Geo can also give you raster versions of this product in colour, black and white or with backdrop colour.


1:25 000 Scale Raster is the digital form of the popular OS Explorer® Map. The detailed representation of the countryside makes it particularly helpful if you want to analyse the environment in a rural area. You can also use it as a backdrop map to add a geographical context to your own information, such as showing customers where your shops are.


1:50 000 Scale Raster is the digital form of the well-known OS Landranger® Map. The scale makes it helpful if you want to analyse the environment of a wide area but you can also use it as a backdrop map to add your information on top, maybe to show where your building sites are or where your customers reside.


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