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Spatial Modeler Library
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Sterling Geo's Spatial Modeler Library

The models below have been donated by Sterling Geo employees. They are free to download and use. Please note, if you are browsing in Internet Explorer or Edge, you will need to rename the model’s file extension from .xml to .gmdx before use; we recommend using Chrome. We welcome contributions to this library. To see your models listed here, please email enquiries@sterlinggeo.com including the model and a brief description. We will reference all contributions listed.

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Subset by Shapefile Model

Required input: A raster image and a shapefile area of interest

This model subsets raster imagery by a Shapefile polygon, the input imagery will be clipped by the polygon extent. This model is useful for reducing datasets down to your area of interest. Please note, this model will only work in ERDAS IMAGINE v2016. Watch this month's two minute tip explaining how to use this model, available here.

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