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Take the Challenge
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Take the Challenge

If you are one of our current software maintenance customers we invite you to Take the Challenge. Find out how your Hexagon Geospatial software could provide the answer to your geospatial problems and maximise your use of our software.

Our maintenance contract allows customers to receive the latest software updates, as well as full licensing and technical support. Sterling Geo prides itself on the quality of support delivered, but we want to go further. At no additional cost to the maintenance contract, we are offering the opportunity to work in partnership to:

  • Review your current workflows, seeking to improve speed, quality and cost
  • Review current software use and suggest wider applications based on your industry
  • Help you understand your data
  • Aid the development of new and innovative products
  • Consider the geospatial challenges you face and help create solutions
  • Offer insight into how your software could be useful for future requirements


  • Free – We are offering this service as free consultancy, making our many years of technical, commercial and business experience available to our clients
  • Open – You can enquire about any geospatial problem, task or industry requirement. As we do not know what you will ask we cannot guarantee help, but if possible we will
  • Save time – Having access to our expertise at the early stages of capability development means we can advise whether your current software meets your new requirement, saving time on research and development
  • Save costs – As you are already paying for your software, finding out more about software functionality may allow you to enhance your business practises by undertaking more geospatial analysis
  • Close contact – This could be a short chat, a formal meeting, a full review of data processed on your behalf or a written report outlining a workflow. In all cases we provide a summary update upon closing a challenge for your future reference
  • Confidential – As with all our support we do not share your data or results unless we have permission to do so, although we may ask your permission to use your challenge for marketing purposes if deemed appropriate

A number of clients have already benefited from completing Take the Challenge. From increasing the production speed of impact assessment, to automatic feature extraction, visualising areas of outstanding natural beauty and helping to define the potential value of a data holding.

Welcome to the next generation of software support. It’s time to Take the Challenge – you have nothing to lose and potentially lots to gain. Contact us at enquiries@sterlinggeo.com or call Freephone 0800 912 0988.