Sterling Geo Conference 2017

Workshop Descriptions: Wednesday 12 December

Session 6: 13:30 - 14:00

FME: The Glue that Brings Everything Together
Gavin Park, Sterling Geo

We often think of FME as the glue that holds things together. Bringing together disparate datasets from different business streams and functions. In this workshop we will show you how FME can be used to connect, transform and distribute data from a variety of business platforms in a simple and user-friendly way. To enable screen reader support, press Ctrl+Alt+Z To learn about keyboard shortcuts, press Ctrl+slash

#BI/Reporting #HollyKateProject #Calderdale #PowerBI

Delivery of 3D Geological Data
Ricky Terrington, British Geological Survey

The British Geological Survey (BGS) routinely delivers data in several different 3D formats to meet the demands of industry and scientific research. This session will demonstrate the methodology and tools that BGS use to do this, including how FME is used in the process of going from 2D map/section to 3D visualisation.

#BGSdata #geology #3D #visualisation

Delivering Tomorrow's Answers Today
Paul Gray, Sterling Geo

Discover how Sterling Geo is harnessing the wealth of earth observation platforms and data sources, to deliver smart, business-oriented intelligence services.

#Answers #Service #Space #EOforbusinessinsights #Apps

Site Assured powered by Sterling Geo
Glenn Gibson & Kumar Pancholi, Sterling Geo

Site Assured is the newly conceived data request service, powered by Sterling Geo, where end-users request mapping data for their defined sites, in the UK. They request via an interactive web portal and receive delivery with minimum effort. Come and see a live demo of Site Assured and witness first hand, just how easy it is to order your data.

#OrdnanceSurvey #Geospatial #SiteAssured #SiteInformationPack #Utilities #Safety #Cloud

Session 7: 14:00 - 14:30

Working with Planet Data & APIs in FME
Adrian Porter, Sterling Geo

An exciting look in to the emerging world of new on-demand EO platforms such as Planet, made accessible through APIs and the AWS platform. Looking at how FME can be used to work with this data and integrate with other datasets to create powerful applications and services.

#3DPDF #AWS #AWS->MapZen #PlanetAPI #Kumar_SiteMonitoring

Assessing Carbon Impact in the Amazon with ERDAS IMAGINE & FME
Sam Farnsworth, Sterling Geo

An opportunity to investigate the potential of EO data to benefit new carbon offsetting initiatives using a case study that focuses on the carbon stock value of the Amazon rainforest.

#includesAPI #EOstuff #BI/Reporting

Intermediate Products: Providing end-user with access to the EO data ‘deluge’!
Geoff Smith, Specto Natura

End users of geospatial data require actionable information in a specific spatio-temporal context. The explosion of EO capacity has solved the problem of data availability, but given us another one in terms of effectively exploiting this resource. Specto Natura has been part of a team addressing this issue by using analysis ready data and intermediate product concepts to deliver information which support a broad range of user needs. The workshop will explain the concepts and background to currently available solutions and look forward to the impacts of truly “cloud native” processing on the EO data ‘deluge’!

#CloudProcessing #Deluge #ActionableInformation

UAV Cloud Processing
Sanya Khasenye & Phil Cooper, Sterling Geo

Discover the latest advance to reducing the UAV image processing bottleneck using elastic compute within the cloud. The technical solution for anyone looking for timely and efficient image processing.

#Cloud #ImageProcessing #CuttingEdge

Session 8: 14:30 - 15:00

Spatial Modeler Tips & Tricks
Emily Winter, Sterling Geo

Discover new tips and tricks to optimise your use of the Spatial Modeler. Covering topics such as efficient batch running, operator tools and handy shortcuts.

#ERDASIMAGINE #SpatialModeler #Automation #HiddenFeatures

The FME Factory: Data Management on a Production Line
Clare Easton, Sterling Geo

Join us on a journey along the production line and discover how FME automates your data management workflow, from the raw materials to packaging.

#ERDASApollo #FME #DataManagmentProductionLine #API #WillyWonkersTourofTheDataManagementFactory

FME: The Real Ghostbuster
Gavin Park, Sterling Geo

The Internet of Things (IOT) is connecting our worlds through the use of services such as Alexa and Google home; turning lights on and off, starting music and sending messages. See how FME can integrate and use these services in our quest to search for the ghost in the machine.

#LittlebBits #Alexa #Poly #RaspberryPI #Hue/Lights #Sensors #Noises #Motion #BringingTogtherOfAPIs

EO Notify 
Sterling Geo

Be the first to know when new earth observation data is available. Learn how Sterling Geo can take the strain from searching for imagery releases with our simple notification service. 

#Notification #Automation #Simple #New_eo

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